Woolwich Dock Site Services Upgrade

syd gov harbour fed trustDSA Plumbing was awarded the contract for Woolwich dock site services upgrade on behalf of Sydney Harbour Federation Trust. The project involved upgrading of all major services both plumbing and electrical works to the 7Ha site with a contract value over $1 million.

The Woolwich dock site is located 4km west of the Sydney CDB and is bound by Sydney Harbour, Clarke Point reserve and residential homes.  This site is deemed to be of archeological significance with many European and aboriginal relics located above and below ground which are protected by commonwealth legislation.

Community relations were a major component of this project with the site accessible to the general public. This meant alternative pedestrian access and traffic management had to be maintained throughout the project.

The Woolwich dock site is home to Murlan Noakes one of Sydney’s largest and busiest shipwrights. Works were carefully programmed to not affect the day to day running of the shipwright or the general public’s access to the parklands. This was achieved through close consultation throughout the project with all parties concerned.

Some of the projects details include;

• Trench excavation of approximately 550m3 of rock.
• Installation of approximately 600m of 100mm blue brute water service & 50mm gas service.
• Installation of 100mm galvanised fire and 100m galvanised water service installed on a vertical cliff face.
• Installation of approximately 160m of 100mm galvanized water service to the dock. This required works to be planned around tidal movements for both installation of the new services and decommissioning and removal of the redundant mains service.
• Construct new electrical main switchboard.
• Installation of new consumer mains.
• Installation of new telephone lines.
• Installation of 6no x 100mm electrical conduits in trench approximately 170m.
• This project required a full team of plumbers and electricians for the duration of the project.